Duolingo English Test

10 High-Scoring Writing Samples - Duolingo English Test

Learn how to get a great score on the Duolingo English Test Writing Sample by studying these 10 high-scoring (145+) responses.

Speaking Sample - Duolingo English Test

The Speaking Sample appears once on the test, and it is the longest speaking question.

9 Common Mistakes Made on the Duolingo English Test

The best way to avoid making mistakes on the Duolingo

Major Updates to the Duolingo English Test

On 2 April, 2024 some big changes came to the

Fill in the Blanks - Duolingo English Test (2024)

The "Fill in the Blanks" question type appears 6 to 9 times. It tests your vocabulary, particularly your ability to understand words in context.

"Interactive Writing" - Duolingo English Test (2024)

The new "Interactive Writing" question consists of 2 writing parts. The first one is 5 minutes. The second one is 3 minutes.

Advanced Vocabulary for "Picture Description" - Duolingo English Test

Learn 25 advanced vocab terms for picture description questions!

Best Strategies & Tips for Speaking Questions - Duolingo English Test

Learn the strategies & tips that will get you the highest score on speaking questions on the Duolingo English Test.

Canadian Universities Accepting the Duolingo English Test (Complete List 2023)

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UK Universities Accepting Duolingo (Complete List 2023)

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