Universities in Australia Accepting Duolingo (Complete List 2023)

Universities in Australia Accepting Duolingo (Complete List 2023)
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89 schools in Australia currently accept the Duolingo English Test. Whilst this is far less than in the UK, Canada, or the USA, the number is likely to grow in the near future as Duolingo is pushing for more universities (particularly outside of the USA) to accept the test for English Language requirements.

Universities in Australia Accepting the Duolingo English Test

Below is a list of ALL the institutions down under that accept the Duolingo English Test in 2023. This data comes directly from the official list maintained by Duolingo and we update it regularly! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Last updated October 24, 2023

  1. Academique
  2. Accellier Education
  3. Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd.
  4. Ad Astra Institute
  5. Adelaide Institute of Higher Education
  6. AFTT - Academy of Film, Theatre and Television - Vocational
  7. ASC International
  8. Auscanus Institute of Australia
  9. Auscare Training Organisation
  10. Australian Catholic University- Pathways - ELICOS
  11. Australian Institute of Advanced Studies
  12. Australian Institute of Music
  13. Australian National College
  14. Australian Professional Skills Institute
  15. Capital College
  16. Charles Darwin University
  17. Clinton Institute
  18. Curtin College - Perth
  19. Danford College
  20. Deakin College - Undergraduate and Foundation
  21. Edinburgh International College (EIC)
  22. Edith Cowan College - All Diploma Programs
  23. Edith Cowan College - English for Academic Purposes
  24. Edith Cowan University
  25. EQUALS International
  26. Evolution Hospitality Institute
  27. Flinders University
  28. Flinders University - Postgraduate Coursework
  29. Flinders University - Postgraduate Research
  30. Global Learners
  31. Griffith College - Australia
  32. iEdu Study
  33. IELI - The Intensive English Language Institute
  34. IH Sydney Training Services Pty Ltd (International House)
  35. Insight Academy Australia
  36. Institute Of Business and Management (Victoria IBM)
  37. Institute of Health & Management (IHM)
  38. International College of Management, Sydney
  39. Ironwood Institute
  40. JMC Academy - Postgraduate
  41. JMC Academy - Undergraduate
  42. JMC Academy - Vocational
  43. Kaplan Business School
  44. Kaplan Business School - Diploma
  45. Kaplan Business School - Postgraduate
  46. La Trobe College Australia
  47. La Trobe University
  48. La Trobe University Sydney Campus
  49. Lead College
  50. Leaders Institute (Australia)
  51. Macquarie University - Foundation, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  52. Medicus College
  53. Menzies Institute of Technology
  54. Milcom Institute
  55. Monash College
  56. Moreton Bay College
  57. National Academy of Professional Studies
  58. National Training College of Australia
  59. Newcastle International College - Official Pathway College to the University of Newcastle
  60. NIT Australia
  61. Original Campus
  62. Pacific Training Group Australia
  63. Perth College of Business & Technology
  64. Perth College of Business & Technology, ELL and Other Vocational Programs
  65. Planetshakers College
  66. Polytechnic Institute Australia
  67. Queensland University of Technology - Diploma, Foundation and English Programmes
  68. Site Institute, Brisbane, Australia
  69. Southern Cross University - All Programmes
  70. Study Group - Australia/New Zealand
  71. Swinburne University of Technology
  72. Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
  73. Sydney Metro College
  74. TAFE International WA
  75. The University of Newcastle - Australia
  76. Toorak College
  77. Universal Business School Sydney
  78. Universities Admissions Centre (NSW & ACT) Pty Ltd
  79. University of Canberra
  80. University of New South Wales Global - Diploma, Foundation Studies and English Programme
  81. University of Southern Queensland
  82. University of Western Australia, Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT)
  83. UNSW College
  84. Victoria University
  85. Vigil International College
  86. Western Sydney University- International College (WSUIC)
  87. Western Sydney University - Navitas, Sydney City Campus
  88. Western Sydney University - Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  89. West Melbourne Institute of Technology

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