How can I get a coupon code for the Duolingo English Test?

The best source of coupon codes for the Duolingo English Test is Duolingo themselves! They will occasionally share coupon codes that can be used for a short amount of time.

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How to learn when coupon codes become available

Create your Duolingo English Test account

When you create your DET account, you will automatically be added to their mailing list. Duolingo will send you important information about things like changes to the test or new coupon codes.

Creating a DET account is free, and it also gives you access to the free DET mock test. You will need to create an account to take the test itself, so you should just create your account now by going to

Follow the Duolingo English Test on social media

The Duolingo English Test is active on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You should follow their accounts so that you can learn about any coupon codes that they make available.

Sign up for Arno

At Arno, we sometimes give out coupon codes to our users! If you sign up for an account, then we'll let you know when there is an opportunity to get one.

Also, if you sign up, you get access to unlimited practice questions for every question type and a full, free mock test with scores and detailed feedback on every one of your responses to writing and speaking questions.

"Try Now" call to action for Arno

Join online communities

On platforms like Reddit and Facebook, coupon codes can sometimes circulate. However, this was a lot more common a few years ago, when the Duolingo English Test was still very small and trying to grow. These days, you won't find many coupon codes in those places anymore.

Other ways to save money on the Duolingo English Test

Request a fee waiver

If you get a fee waiver for the DET, you can take the test for free. It's important to know that schools, not Duolingo, give out fee waivers. To see whether you qualify and how to request one, check out our article: How to Get a Fee Waiver for the Duolingo English Test.

Don't pay for practice questions

Why would you pay for practice questions when you get unlimited practice questions for every question type for free with Arno? 😁

Buy the two-test package

Instead of purchasing just one test for $65, you can purchase the two test package, which makes each test just $55.

Take advantage of free resources

Arno provides a ton of free resources on our blog and our YouTube channel to help you get ready for the DET, including a full crash course which you can access below.