University of Cincinnati Duolingo Requirements (2024)

The University of Cincinnati is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is one of 4,600+ schools that accept the Duolingo English Test.  

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate applicants must meet the English Proficiency requirements.

For all programs except the ACE program, students must score 100+ overall on the Duolingo English Test. For the ACE program, students only need to score an 80+ overall on the Duolingo English Test.

Please note, to apply for the College of Nursing English proficiency must be assessed by scoring:

For all the programs, language proficiency can also be determined through the SAT, ELS, IELTS, Cambridge Test, TOEFL iBT, ACT, or PTE. Again, the College of Nursing is the exemption – only a 480 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section of the SAT or a 19 on the English section of the ACT will be accepted.

⭐ The following are exempt from the English language requirement:

  1. You have taken a full year of high school in the U.S.A. or one of the first-language English countries listed below,* and earned a C grade (or better) in one year of standard English (not ESL). This must be shown on your transcripts.​
  2. You have earned a C or higher on the IGCSE or O-Level English (first language) Exam​
  3. You have passed a full year of IB English Language & Literature or IB English A with IBDP1 HL with 4 or higher, SL with 5 or higher (not English B)​
  4. Completed at least 24 semester hours with a U.S.-accredited university and earned a C- or higher in English Composition.

🏫 Fun fact - The University of Cincinnati has many notable alumni including President Chief Justice William Howard Taft and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Chargles G. Dawes! 🏫

Graduate Students

Graduate students need to meet English Proficiency in one of the following ways:

  • TOEFL: minimum score of 80 iBT
  • In-person and at-home (online) exam scores are accepted. TOEFL Essentials and My Best Test scores are not accepted.
  • IELTS: minimum score of 6.5 overall band
  • In-person and at-home (online) exam scores accepted
  • Duolingo (DET): minimum score of 110
  • PTE: minimum score of 54

As you can see, the Duolingo English Test minimum score is 10 higher for graduate studies.

If you completed your bachelor's in an English-speaking country,  passed a nationally administered test testing oral AND written English, or completed a level 112 intensive English class at an ELS Language Center you may be exempt from this.

⭐The official site recommends reaching out to your specific program to double-check score requirements.

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