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Accurate scoring and personalized feedback

Arno instantly scores your responses using the same guidelines that Duolingo uses in the actual exam. You'll also get personalized feedback that will boost your scores immediately.
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Practice all 18 question types on the Duolingo English Test as much as you would like.
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5 full mock tests

With our Duolingo English Test Package, you get access to all 5 mock tests, giving you plenty of practice and the ability track your progress as your prepare for the test.
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Always up to date

Duolingo is constantly updating the test. Arno has the newest question types so that you can be fully prepared.
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Arno is exactly what I was looking for; it's been a total game changer in my DET preparation. All the available questions, mock tests and the invaluable feedback it provides really prepared me to do my best on the test. I highly recommend it!!!

Sophie Moore
Alexia from Peru

Arno helped me quickly improve my Duolingo English Test score, which was essential for my dream of becoming a master's degree student in the US. Also, Arno is one of the most useful and impressive AI app implementations I've ever encountered.

Sophie Moore
Erik from Paraguay

It was a wonderful experience to practice for my Duolingo exam with Arno. Not only did it help me improve my score from 100-110 to 120-130 on Duolingo's practice test, but I also learned how to enhance my word selection in the writing and speaking sections through AI-based instructions from Arno.

Adam Smith
Basira from Afganistan

I was so desperate when I found Arno. I had taken the Duolingo English Test three times already. I practiced with Arno for two weeks and I finally passed it with 135 overall score and 105 Production score! I am so grateful, thank you Arno!

Mike Warren
Beste from Turkey
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Arno is fast and effective.

Unlimited practice exercises
Practice makes perfect. Arno provides unlimited practice exercises, so this is the only tool you'll need.
Accurate scoring and thorough feedback, instantly
Arno instantly scores your responses using the same guidelines that Duolingo uses in the actual exam. You'll also get thorough feedback that will boost your scores immediately.
Customized learning plans
Arno provides you with a vocabulary list and suggestions for improvement, tailored to you.

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