How Long Does it Take to Get Your Results? - Duolingo English Test

You will receive your Duolingo English Test results within 48 hours of taking the test. If you purchase the Faster Results upgrade, you can get them within 12 hours!

In this article, we'll also examine everything related to your Duolingo English Test results including how long it takes to get your results, how to get your results faster, and what your scorecard will look like. We will also cover the questions you may have about retaking the Duolingo English Test, like reasons to take the exam again, how many times you can take the exam, and when you can retake the exam for free.

If you haven't taken the Duolingo English Test, don't leave just yet! Knowing what the next steps are after you take the test will better prepare you for exam day. This way you can avoid the awful "uncertified" test result 😨 and better understand when to take the test and whether to purchase the "Faster Results" upgrade that everyone's talking about.

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Duolingo English Test - How Long To Get Results

If you just took the Duolingo English Test, you might be wondering about the Duolingo English Test result time. The Duolingo English Test result time is within two days of the date you took your test. This is much quicker than TOEFL, which takes 4-8 days, or IELTS, which takes 3-5 days 💅.

You will receive your results within 48 hours after taking the Duolingo English Test.

Once you complete your Duolingo English Test, you will get an email notification telling you that your results are available!  To view your results you just need to log in to your Duolingo account.

How to Get Your Duolingo English Test Results Even Faster

If you need your Duolingo English Test results faster, you can purchase a test with the “Faster Results” upgrade for an extra $40 USD. The “Faster Results” upgrade means you will get your results within 12 hours of finishing the test! This upgrade is great for students with an upcoming deadline, or students who want to make sure they have enough time to retake the test if needed.

Here’s how to purchase the “Faster Results” add-on:

  1. Log into your Duolingo English Test account at:
  2. Scroll until you see the option to purchase a test and click ‘Buy Now'
A screenshot from the Duolingo English Test purchasing page
A screenshot from the Duolingo English Test purchasing page

3. Decide whether you’d like to purchase one test, or two tests and click ‘Add To Cart’

A screenshot from the Duolingo English Test purchasing page
A screenshot from the Duolingo English Test purchasing page

4. Duolingo will ask you if you want to upgrade your test, click ‘Upgrade +$40’ if you do.

Duolingo English Test 'Faster Results' Upgrade Button
Duolingo English Test 'Faster Results' Upgrade Button

5. Click 'Checkout' and enter your card information!

🦉 Please note - if you got the Duolingo English Test fee waiver, you cannot use the “Faster Results” upgrade. Furthermore, if you purchase the two-test package, your “Faster Results” upgrade will only apply to the first test.

What Does the Duolingo Score Report Look Like

As mentioned earlier, once you take the Duolingo English Test, you will receive an email saying that your test has been scored. When you log into your Duolingo English Test account, you’ll see a scorecard that looks like this:

An example Duolingo Scorecard
An example Duolingo Scorecard

The scorecard will show personal information such as your name, photo, test date, and certification URL. You’ll also see your overall score and subscores in bold. The black arrows shown above point to your actual scores, overall and on the subscores; the orange bar represents the range of scores on questions in this area.

Check out our blog to see a step-by-step breakdown of an example Duolingo English Test scorecard.

The Duolingo English Test Credit System, Explained

The Duolingo English Test "credit" system can be hard to understand at first, but it's important to understand how it works before you book your test.

When you purchase one Duolingo English Test you receive one credit; when you purchase the Duolingo English Tests package, for two tests, you receive two credits. Each credit can be used to "pay" for one certified scorecard and comes with three attempts to use the credit. An "attempt" is counted anytime you begin the test even if you don't complete the test, so make sure to only start the test when you are ready!!! Usually, your credit will only expire once you complete and upload the test.

How Many Times and How Often Can I Take the Duolingo English Test

The good news is that you can retake the Duolingo English Test twice every 30 days! 🎉 Even better, there are no limits on how many times you can retake the test! 🎉  and you can purchase up to three tests in any 30-day period 🎉

However, if your results were not certified, the process is different. Depending on the reason your test wasn't certified, and how you have used the credits linked to that test, you may be able to retake the test within 21 days of your test date using your original purchase.

🦉Don't panic if 21 days have already passed since you took the test, or you have less than 7 days remaining - you can request a 7-day credit extension!

Can I Retake the Duolingo English Test for Free?

Without the upgrade, the price of one Duolingo English Test is $65 USD and the price of two tests is $110. While the Duolingo English Test is much cheaper than taking TOEFL or IELTS, it can be disappointing to have to pay the cost again for another test. Luckily, in some cases, you can retake the Duolingo English test for free 😍.

✅ If you experienced a technical error during your test, you can retake the Duolingo English Test for free.

✅ You can also retake the test for free if your test results were uncertified for some broken test rules like looking away from the screen too often; however, this only applies if you still have attempts remaining on that credit.

❌ More serious rule violations, such as seeking help during the test, will lead to your credit automatically expiring; you will need to purchase a new test.

❌ Similarly, if you have two tests with rule violations on the same credit, the credit expires no matter how many attempts you have used. In this case, a new test must be purchased.

❌ If you received a certified test result, you cannot retake the test for free.

🦉 Please note - once you submit a Duolingo English Test to be scored you cannot purchase another until you get your results. Either way, it's better to wait to get your scores before purchasing another – you may have performed better than you think!

Should I Retake The Duolingo English Test?

There are three main reasons why a student decides to retake the Duolingo English Test:

  • Your old test results expired
  • Your Duolingo English Test could not be certified
  • You want to get a higher score
  1. Your old test results expired

Your Duolingo English Test scorecard is valid for two years from your test date. After the test expires, you will still be able to see the result on your Duolingo homepage, but you can no longer view the actual scorecard or send it to schools. The scorecard will also be marked “EXPIRED”.

To avoid this problem, it’s best to plan ahead and only take the test when you know you’ll be applying in the next year or two to universities. You may also wish to take a screenshot or photograph of your test certificate right after you take your test so that you can look back on your scores when studying.

While it can be disappointing to have to retake the test, especially if you got a good score, your English has likely improved over the past two years. With all that experience, and a little help from Arno 😉, it's likely that you will get an EVEN BETTER score!

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2. Your Duolingo English Test could not be certified

Don't panic if you receive an email from Duolingo stating: “Unfortunately your Duolingo English Test could not be certified for the following reason...” You will likely be able to either re-take the test or appeal the decision.

Usually, Duolingo doesn’t certify your test because a test rule was broken; for example, “you looked away from the screen for an extended period of time”. It might also be "uncertified" because of a technical error in uploading or certifying the test or a problem with your ID.

If there was a technical error and you still have attempts remaining on the credit, you can retake the test at no additional cost. If there is a problem with your ID, you won’t need to retake the test, just resubmit a valid ID by logging into your Duolingo account. Simple.

If the test is uncertified because of a broken rule, unfortunately, it doesn't matter if the rule break was intentional or unintentional – you will need to retake the test or appeal.

If you agree that a rule was broken, our best advice is to simply re-review the rules for the Duolingo English Test and retake the test. Make sure to avoid the common reasons for an invalid Duolingo English Test result including:

“You had another program, application, or window open or running during the test”
“You may not take the Duolingo English Test using multiple accounts with different addresses. Please only take the test using your original account”
“Your entire face was not always visible to the camera”

If you believe that the rule was not broken, you can appeal the decision. To appeal you will simply need to log into your Duolingo English Test account, click on “My Results”, and then “Appeal This Result” which will fall under the “Invalid” test. The option to appeal will only be available for 72 hours after receiving the initial, so make sure to appeal as soon as possible!!!

Once you select “Appeal This Result” the button should now read “Appeal Submitted”. Make sure that the button is greyed out, to ensure that your appeal went through. After this, your appeal will be reviewed and either approved or denied within four business days. "Appeal specialists" will send their decision by email, so make sure to be on the lookout for that!

Please note that you cannot appeal if any of the following apply:

  • You received a valid test result
  • You have already appealed once; all decisions made by the "appeals specialists" are final
  • There was a technical issue during your test

In these cases, it's best to just retake the test.

⭐ If you received an email stating that your Duolingo English Test account was blocked, you will not be able to retake the test until you submit an appeal and that appeal is approved. These are for more serious broken rule violations, such as having someone else take the test for you ⭐

3. You want to get a higher score

The most common reason for retaking the Duolingo English Test is that you know you can get a better score or your score wasn’t high enough for the universities accepting the Duolingo English Test that you are applying to.

When deciding whether to re-take the Duolingo English Test, consider what a good Duolingo English Test score means to you. These are some good questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to take the Duolingo English Test again:

  1. Did I study as hard as I could have?  - Be honest with yourself - no judgment here! If you were busy or unfocused leading up to the exam, it might be worth taking the test again at a better time.
  2. Could I score better than I did? - If you think so, come up with a plan to target the areas where your scores were weaker.
  3. Did I score higher on my practice tests than I did on the actual test? - Test anxiety is common, but can be helped with stress-relief techniques and practice ❤️
  4. What is the minimum requirement for the Duolingo English Test for the schools I am applying for? - Some universities have much lower minimum Duolingo English Test scores than others, some don’t have minimum scores at all.
  5. How do I compare to the average scores and percentiles on the Duolingo English Test?

The average scores between May 2022 and April 2023 were as follows:

  • Overall Score = 108.12
  • Comprehension Subscore = 115.86
  • Conversation Subscore = 98.68
  • Literacy Subscore = 108.79
  • Production Subscore = 86.32

The 25th and 75th percentiles for the Duolingo English Test were as follows:

  • Overall = 95; 120
  • Comprehension = 105; 130
  • Conversation = 85; 115
  • Literacy = 95; 125
  • Production = 75; 100

However, the decision you make shouldn’t just be based on other people’s scores! The choice to retake the test should be a choice based on all the factors listed above. If you scored lower than the average, but your school only requires a 90 then you may not need to retake the test.

If you do decide to retake the Duolingo English Test, make sure to boost your scores by joining Arno. We provide completely free, unlimited practice questions. You can also get instant scoring and feedback on your answers, allowing you to see whether your English has improved since your last test. Join today by clicking the link below.

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Most importantly, before doing anything, make sure to celebrate your achievement. Even if you didn't get the score you wanted, you still completed A WHOLE ENTIRE Duolingo English Test 🥳🥳🥳.  We think that's something to be proud of and something you can definitely use as a way to learn how to improve. Indeed, there's no better indicator of where your strengths and weaknesses are than taking the official test. So, please make sure to take a break from studying to do something you enjoy before getting back to your books. You deserve it!