Important Rules You MUST Know for the Duolingo English Test

Important Rules You MUST Know for the Duolingo English Test
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In this post, you will learn all the rules for the Duolingo English Test.

Table of Contents:

Policies for the Duolingo English Test

For the Duolingo English Test (DET), you must use only one account. Do not make two accounts, as it will result in you being banned. After purchasing the test, which costs $59 for 1 test, you have up to 21 days to complete the test. There is an option to buy a 2-test bundle for $98. The 2-test bundle allows you an additional 21 days to take your second test after receiving your result for the first test, which you will receive within 2 days. You are allowed to purchase and take up to 3 tests in a 30 day window.

Requirements for the Duolingo English Test

Before you take the DET, it’s important that you make sure to have your ID ready. A passport, driver’s license, or government ID are all acceptable forms of identification. You must set aside 60 minutes (1 hour) of time for the exam and make sure your computer is set up properly (more details below). The DET is timed and must be completed in one sitting.

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Environment for the Duolingo English Test

Your environment for the DET is very important. One of the benefits of the DET is that you can choose your own testing environment, but this also means that there are very strict guidelines to ensure there is no cheating. Before you begin your exam, you need to set up the room and equipment you will need for the exam. You should take the test where you feel most comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed.

During the DET, talking is prohibited. You need to be in a quiet, well-lit room by yourself in order for the proctors to be able to see and hear you clearly. If you live with others, stress the importance of the DET to them so that they don’t disturb you during the duration of the test. Make sure your door is closed, and consider putting a sign on your door that says something like, “I’m taking a test, do not disturb”. If another person is seen in your camera during the test, your results will be invalidated.

Your ears must be visible to the camera and uncovered. Your face must be visible and unobscured as well. You can wear glasses when you take the test. Just be sure that there isn’t a glare in the lens, as the proctors need to be able to see where your eyes are looking all times. Your exam recording is reviewed and graded by human proctors, so anything suspicious that looks like cheating could interfere with your results being certified.

Setting Up Your Computer

You need a computer with reliable internet connection, a front-facing camera, a microphone, and speakers. Most modern laptops are set up with these features. No headphones or earphones are allowed, however if you wear religious head covering, that is permitted. Your internet must be stable during the entire duration of the exam.

What NOT To Do on the Duolingo English Test

  • Just like any exam, no outside materials, phones, notes, or textbooks are permitted. You are not allowed to take any notes during the exam, so do not have any writing utensils or paper with you.
  • During the exam, do not look away from the screen. Given that your test center is your laptop, you need to keep your gaze directly on the screen at all times. This is a commonly broken rule for many test takers.
  • Do not allow your mouse to leave the test window.
  • You are not allowed to use any software, such as Grammarly, any chats, or web browsers to assist you on the test. Close any programs you have running. As a general guideline, it’s a good idea to keep your phone, tablets, and smartwatches in another room to avoid being distracted.
  • Do not use any third party web camera software.
  • Do not use a second monitor or any software that enables screen sharing or remote access.
  • Do not copy or memorize answers in advance. Respond in the moment using your own words. The proctors are looking for a conversational response that answers the question.
  • Do not use another person’s ID to take the test.

If any of the rules are violated, Duolingo will invalidate your test results. Duolingo’s official Test Policies, Rules, and Requirements can be found here. We cover the essential rules in the following video lesson:


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