Fill in the Blanks - Duolingo English Test (2024)

The "Fill in the Blanks" question on the Duolingo English Test is designed to test your vocabulary. It was added on 2 April, 2024.


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What is the "Fill in the Blanks" question type?

On a "Fill in the Blanks" question, you will be given a sentence and one of the words will be missing letters. It is your job to complete the word. You have 20 seconds to do this, which makes this the shortest question on the test.

The "Fill in the Blanks" question type on the Duolingo English Test
The "Fill in the Blanks" question type on the Duolingo English Test

This question type appears 6 to 9 times. It counts toward your Literacy and Comprehension subscores.

On this question type and the "Read and Complete" question type, only American spelling is accepted. For all other questions, American or British spelling is accepted.

Tips to do well on the "Fill in the Blanks" question type

Read (and reread) the entire sentence

As Duolingo explains, "This question assesses the depth and breadth of your vocabulary. It doesn't just assess that you know a word, but that you know how to use the word in context."

You need to understand the rest of the sentence in order to determine what word is missing. You may need to read the sentence a few times, at different speeds, until you realize what word is missing.

Proofread your response

Make sure you entered the letters that you meant to type!

If you're not sure, guess

Duolingo does not take off more points if you answer incorrectly than if you leave it blank. So, there is no reason to leave an answer blank.

Know that questions may get harder

The Duolingo English Test is adaptive, which means that it adjusts to your level. If you get questions correct, the next questions will be more difficult.

How to practice "Fill in the Blanks" questions

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