Read and Complete - Guide to Duolingo English Test Question (2024)

The “Read and Complete” question. It is one of harder questions on the Duolingo English Test. This is because most people are not familiar with the format.

The good news is that it is easy to learn how to approach “Read and Complete” questions and do well on them! That’s what we’re going to cover in this post 🙂

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What is the “Read and Complete” question type?

The “Read and Complete” question type looks like this:

Example of a “Read and Complete” question from the Duolingo English Test
Example of a “Read and Complete” question from the Duolingo English Test

You will have 3 minutes to type in the missing letters. That’s it!

This question counts toward your Literacy and Comprehension subscores. It appears 3 to 6 times on the test.

Don't confuse the "Read and Complete" question type with the "Fill in the Blanks" question type which is separate. 

Tips to do well on “Read and Complete” questions

Slow down

Unlike other questions, you will have a lot of time for “Read and Complete” questions. You can use “Read and Complete” questions to relax a little bit after more intense questions.

You can also spend a lot of time trying to identify the missing letters.

Read the title and passage before answering

Although there are missing letters and you won’t be able to understand everything, you should read the entire passage, including the title, before you start to answer.

By reading the entire passage, you will acquire context that will help you understand what is missing.

Read and re-read entire sentences

In order to determine what is missing in a sentence, you need to know what comes before and after.

This means that you need to read the entire sentence, not just what comes before a part that is missing.

When you read the entire sentence, you will see that your brain will often identify the missing words without you even trying!

Proofread your response

Once you enter a response, read what you have so far to make sure that everything makes sense.

Skip words if you get stuck

If you can’t figure out a missing word, skip it! You can come back later. It will be easier to figure out that word after you figure out other missing parts of the passage.

If you're not sure, guess

Duolingo will not penalize you more for a wrong answer than a blank answer. So, if you don't know you should guess because it can only help you.

But on "Read and Select" questions, you should only pick answers that you are confident about.

Don’t be alarmed if the questions get harder

The Duolingo English Test is adaptive. This means that if you get a question correct, the next question will be more difficult. If you find that “Read and Complete” questions are becoming difficult during the test, this is a good sign! It means that you did well on the previous ones 🙂

How to practice “Read and Complete” questions

With Arno, you can practice an unlimited number of “Read and Complete” questions and get instant feedback on your answers.

Here is how it works:

1) Go to Create an account if you don’t have one already.

2) Go to the “Read and Complete” question type.

Screenshot of the "Read and Complete" practice question in Arno
"Read and Complete" practice question in Arno

3) Fill in the missing characters. When you are finished press the "Submit" button, shown in the red box.

Screenshot of how to answer "Read and Complete" question in Arno

4) Arno will instantly evaluate your response. Letters in green are correct. Letters in red are incorrect. The correct answer will appear below the blanks.

Screenshot showing how Arno instantly evaluates your response.
Arno instantly evaluates your response.

5) Click on the right arrow near the bottom to go to the next question.

Screenshot showing how to proceed to the next practice question in Arno


Now you understand the “Read and Complete” question type, and you have the best tips to get the highest score.

You also know how you can practice for this question type: Arno!

Arno gives you unlimited practice questions and instant feedback for every question type on the Duolingo English Test. So cool! 🤩

To get started, just click below.

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